” We are laser focused on you and the 24th LD “

Welcome to the 24th GOP HOME!

2022 Adopted Legislative District 24

The 24th GOP is shorthand for the “24th Legislative District Republican Committee”. The ranking of the 24th GOP falls between the Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) and the three 24th Legislative District (24th LD) County Republican Committees it serves, including the Clallam County Republican Party, Grays Harbor Republicans and Jefferson County Republican Central Committee.

The sole objective of the 24th GOP is to coordinate Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) activities within the 24th LD. In practice, the 24th GOP Committee acts as a liaison between the counties to ensure that efforts, such as fundraising, volunteer recruitment and training, phone banking, voter education, getting out the vote (GOTV), among other activities, are coordinated to ensure maximum efficiency. Subscribe to the 24th GOP email list so you don’t miss out on pertinent information and activities.

Why does this matter? … Voters have the real power!

The scope for meaningful change in the 24th LD is limited by our political realities. Unfortunately, our realities over the past 10-plus years are politicians who systematically mis-represent our values and have demonstrated they are more interested in representing their party bosses, their majority Democrats’ Seattle interests, and the wishes of their special interest donors (follow the money). The citizens of the 24th Legislative District deserve to have representatives who genuinely represent their interests and advocate for our rural values in Olympia. Here’s an easy way to email all your State Legislators at one time (State Legislators Email List).

Something needs to change. It’s up to us to shape that change.

You can make a difference, … Let’s change it together !

We win when we all do our part. I’ve told you how the 24th GOP will do its part. What part will you play? Don’t let the politicians marginalize you, your home, and your values. Volunteer today to move Washington State forward in 2020!