24th Legislative District Republican Committee

Section 1:   Membership

The 24th Legislative District Committee shall be composed of three members from each county all or part of which is included within the boundaries of the 24th Legislative District. Members shall be designated by, or as provided in the bylaws of, the county central committee of each such county. (See Article 10.4, Bylaws of Republican State Committee of Washington.)

Section 2:    Organizational Meeting

The County Central Committees of each County within the 24th Legislative District shall elect a Legislative District chair as provided by RCW 29A.80.061.  This shall occur by the call of each County Republican Party Chair, and shall occur no later than 45 days after the general election in each even-numbered year.  The 24th Legislative District Committee shall serve as a nominating committee for the chair, and will provide nominations to the County Central Committees by November 15th of each even-numbered year.  The Committee shall hold an organizational meeting by June 30th of each odd-numbered year for the purpose of electing a Secretary and a Treasurer.

The organizational meeting shall be called by (1) the Chair; (2) any three members of the Committee, provided that at least two counties are represented, or (3) the State Chairman of the Republican State Committee of Washington.

Ten days’ written notice of the meeting shall be provided and the meeting shall be held within the legislative district, unless agreed to by all members. Provided, that the meeting may be held at any regularly scheduled meeting of the Republican State Committee of Washington, whether within or without the district, provided ten days written notice shall have been given.

Section 3:   Purposes

The purpose of the 24th legislative district committee is to coordinate Republican Party activities within the 24th district.

Specifically the committee shall:

(a) Conduct any and all fund-raising activities which may be desired by the membership;

(b) Be the sole Legislative District Committee for purposes of RCW Chapter 42.17A et seq.

Other functions may be conducted by the Committee as determined by the membership or its officers.

Section 4:   Officers

The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Committee and shall be responsible for overall supervision of the activities of the Committee. The Chair may vote to break ties.  

The Treasurer shall receive all funds received by the Committee and deposit the same in a federally insured financial institution. Upon vouchers signed by the Chairman he shall pay said vouchers. The Treasurer shall assure that all reports which may be required to comply with the Public Disclosure Law shall be filed in a timely manner.

Section 5:    Meeting Rules

A majority of the voting members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. An absentee member may be represented by written proxy. When not inconsistent with the provisions of these rules, the most recent edition of Roberts’ Rules of Order shall govern the meetings of the Committee.  Email votes are allowed.

Section 6:   Adoption and Amendment

These By-laws may be adopted by a majority vote at the organizational meeting of the Committee. Thereafter, they may be amended by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present at any regularly called meeting of the Committee.

Section 7:    Candidate Contributions

No contribution shall be made to any candidate except upon the approval of a majority of the Legislative District Committee expressed in writing or at a physical or virtual meeting called upon ten days’ notice.  No contribution shall be made to any candidate prior to the close of the filing period, nor shall any contribution be made to any candidate prior to the primary election who is in a primary with more than one Republican candidate on the ballot.

Last updated, April 18, 2021