Jefferson County Republican Central Committee


  • Chair Jodi Wilke
  • Vice Chair Paul Trimble

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Approved March 14, 2020


The Jefferson County Republicans affirm our belief in and promote the principles expressed in the Constitution of the United States of America, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution of Washington State.


We believe our constitutionally limited government, designed to protect the blessings of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, must be fiscally responsible and moral as well as unobtrusive and as close to the people as possible.

We find that government at all levels has grown too big. Government costs too much directly in taxes aswell as costing too much indirectly in excessive regulations and mandates. The size and burden of government at each level must be reduced to only that which is absolutely necessary to meet constitutional requirements.

Governments’ primary functions are to protect the personal liberty and religious freedom as well as to provide security and facilitate interstate commerce for all citizens. All levels of government must do better in executing these functions.

Government best serves the people when government functions are conducted at the state or local level. To this end we require that the Federal government no longer regulate or provide health care and social services as well as no longer have regulatory control over local environmental issues or education, provided that this is in accordance with other provisions regarding the role and responsibility of the federal government.

The Bill of Rights is an enumeration of rights that are endowed upon American citizens and those rights are not subject to the whim of government. The government’s duty is to restrain itself and govern within the limits of the bill of rights. Competing rights declarations such as the UN Declaration of Universal Rights, social justice, community rights and environmental rights have no legal basis for American citizens. Sharia Law is not compatible with our laws and values.

Presidents and Governors from any party must respect our system of divided government. The growth of the administrative state and associated regulations needs to be rolled back and the legislative branches must stop delegating their legislative duty to unelected bureaucrats.

We strongly disagree with the use of “Ghost” on “Title Only” bills by our state legislature. This inhibits citizens’ right to know the contents of bills proposed. Also, bills should be set before the legislature and the citizens at least 48 hours before the end of each session of the legislature. There should be term limits for all political offices at all levels.


A free market, free enterprise, entrepreneurial capitalistic economy is the only proven engine for sustaining a productive society with personal liberty and economic wellbeing for all. Government intervention into the operation and excessive regulation of markets and private businesses hurts job creation and expansion. Jefferson County Commissioners and Port Townsend City Council members must do more to provide an
environment that encourages businesses to expand and to provide more living wage jobs.

We require that Jefferson County develop a Comprehensive Plan that does more to: provide for the development and expansion of light industry in general, as well as specifically on airport property and otherbusiness park property thereby providing more living wage jobs; provide much more additional zoning for apartments, town houses and condominiums to make more affordable housing available; insures the viability of the county’s major tourist, marine and paper industries; reestablishes forest harvesting as a major industry; and reestablishes the building trades as a major industry.

The county should eliminate the onerous and unnecessary Shoreline Master Program updates. That includes the excessive increase in natural environmental designation, the No Net Loss provision (that is not what the Shoreline Management Act required) and blanket Conditional Use Permit requirements. These new regulations severally devalue shoreline property with no appreciable environmental improvement and increase the tax burden on all other property owners.

We believe that more productive utilization of Federal and State natural resources (including logging, grazing, farming, drilling and mining) is needed to provide more jobs and boost the economy.


Republicans know that private property rights are fundamental to your personal freedom.

We believe government must equitably compensate property owners whenever their property is taken or devalued to accomplish a government action. Taking of private property must only be done for civic purposes and never when private enterprise can accomplish the desired goal.

We believe the removing of property availability through Navy easements and land for conservation groups should be limited as it inhibits growth and tax revenue in our county.

We have learned that “Community” and “Sustainable” developments policies have become intolerable government control of private property. They must be rejected.


We oppose any effort to enact a state income tax.

We support lowering taxes and simplifying the current Internal Revenue Service tax code to the extent of minimizing or eliminating the IRS.

We reject the use of tax dollars to provide grants, subsidies and venture capital as they are just redistribution of tax dollars from hard working people.

We support passing a State constitutional amendment to require a 2/3 vote of legislators to establish or raise any state or local tax rate.

We expect all government agencies to more diligently exercise prudent use of the people’s tax dollars as well as to continually work to minimize waste, fraud and abuse.


We know strong family units have been, and still are, the basic building blocks of all free and moral societies.

It is the duty of parents, not the state, to guide their children to be responsible, productive and moral citizens. Government’s responsibility is to uphold and encourage traditional values and institutions; to protect the elderly and children from the harmful elements of society; and to defend the unalienable right of human life, from conception to natural death. We oppose third trimester abortions and government funding of abortions. We also oppose euthanasia and the denial of medical care to elderly as well as chronically ill citizens.


We require the Social Security system insure that those who have paid in receive the benefits promised.

We support the development of various new options for those who are just starting to contribute.

We believe that illegal non-citizens should not be eligible for Social Security benefits nor Supplemental Security Income. This does not apply to eligible non-citizens who are properly documented, working in the United States legally and have rightly paid into the Social Security system.


Quality public education is imperative to our nation’s future wellbeing as well as competitiveness in the world economy. School choice, charter schools and home schooling must be made available to all students.

We believe parents have the ultimate responsibility for the education of their children. This includes skills,traditions, values, morals and knowledge.

We believe education is a state and local function, not a Federal function, with parents having a major say in the content and conduct of government provided education. The Federal Dept of Education must be eliminated, along with all the mandates (including Common Core) and funding.

We support the declaration of English as the official language of the United States.

We support the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance and the celebration of all Federal holidays in all schools.

We support a state requirement that all students in grades K through 12 study accurate World and U.S. History including the United States Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers, and the Washington State Constitution.

We believe schools should provide students with class options leading to college, the trades, and apprenticeships depending on the preferences and capabilities of each student.

We do not believe in free college proposals and that the taxpayers should be required to pay for outstanding students debts.


We require the repeal of Obama Care. We believe free market solutions to health care will provide more and better options with true affordability.

We oppose any government mandate that citizens purchase health insurance and any tax or penalty for not obtaining health insurance.

We support medical savings accounts.

We support medical tort reform in Washington State and health insurance portability.

Medicare must be maintained as originally designed. In order to keep that promise, Congress must restore funding that was stripped away from Medicare to pay for the Affordable Care Act.

Medicaid is an element of the social safety net and should be maintained to serve the most needy. The Affordable Care Act is putting more families, which previously had private health insurance, on Medicaid.

The expanded Medicaid rolls will bankrupt the state when temporary Federal subsidies end. We will repeal the ACA and restore Medicaid to an actuarially sound and sustainable condition.

A concerted effort to minimize waste, fraud and abuse is required.

We stand against Medicare For All, as the cost to our economy and individuals would be prohibitive as well as detrimental to the quality of care.


We believe that local private organizations and volunteers most effectively provide welfare. Welfare must always be coupled with programs designed to help return most using welfare to productive citizenship.  Public welfare should not become a permanent lifestyle for those capable of providing for themselves.

The Federal government should not be providing or dictating welfare, but should continue to maintain the charitable tax deduction against income or as a deduction against tax due, to encourage support of local charitable organizations.

Affordable housing should never be provided directly by government. However, local governments can ensure that affordable housing is developed with land use zoning that provides for apartments, town houses and condominiums; by promoting a viable local economic environment; and by promoting local development with a reasonable permit process.

We support Washington State’s ‘Work First’ program and other programs that require some civic work to receive aid. Welfare should be given to legal citizens only and drug testing must be required with failures directed to rehab.


Jefferson County Republicans believe that a clean and healthy environment is important to our families and to future generations.

We believe that the development of our domestic natural resources can be achieved in an environmentally friendly fashion.

We believe that local businesses, such as the paper mill and marine trades, as well as military bases and operations are run in an environmentally balanced fashion.

We know that the people who live on and/or farm the land are the best stewards of their land.

We oppose United Nations ‘Agenda 21’. This includes implementation of any global climate treaties “Cap and Trade”, or local Climate Action Plans. We find these actions infringe upon the sovereignty of our country and your property rights. Further, they are based on highly disputed science, fail to adequately evaluate their economic impact and grossly exaggerate the risk versus the benefits.


Protecting citizens from criminals is a primary function of all levels of government.

We support our local law enforcement officers.

We insist that our local law enforcement officers be required to cooperate and coordinate with federal law enforcement agencies.

We do not support “gun free zones” as this is just an invitation to violent people. School staff should be allowed to be armed.

We support swift, appropriate sentences for those found guilty of a crime, and support sentencing guidelines reform to reflect punishment commensurate with the crime.

We support the “Three Strikes You’re Out” law, “Megan’s Law”, “Jessica’s Law” and “Kate’s Law”. RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS AND THE RIGHT TO SELF-DEFENSE

We support the 2nd amendment in protecting the individuals’ right to bear arms.

We oppose attempts by all levels of government to circumvent the 2nd amendment by excessive regulation, license fees or taxation of firearms, accessories and ammunition.

We firmly oppose any government or private entity recording lists of individuals who own arms.

We support the Jefferson County Sportsman Club. We stand against Jefferson County adding unnecessary stringent codes that force excessive costly restrictions on the club.

We believe citizens have the right to protect themselves and their families by any means, including deadly force, without fear of criminal prosecution.

Neither criminals nor their families have the right to sue a self-defender and/or victims for injury or wrongful death.


We commend our military for their proven excellence and dedication to this country. We require adequate funding and strongly support our military’s role in ensuring a strong national defense and terrorist elimination.

We oppose placing our military under the command of the United Nations or any foreign nation.

We strongly support the Border Patrol and require the building of an effective wall along our southern border.


To call America a “Nation of Immigrants” is a gross over simplification and misleading. This great county was founded and expanded by people who believed in limited government, the rule of law, private property, free enterprise and personal responsibility. Further they either shared our Judeo-Christian values or accepted our laws, which are based on Judeo-Christian values, learned our English language as well as assimilated into our society. We welcome all legal and documented immigrants who share these beliefs and accept our values and laws. Also, they must have the skills and motivation to assimilate and become productive American citizens.

We support a guest worker program and ‘E-Verify’.

Children born to people who are not legal citizens should not automatically be given United States citizenship just because they were born in the USA. The 14th Amendment was never intended to be applied in this manner.

We believe that anyone found to be in the country illegally should be immediately deported. “Sanctuary Cities” should be fined and government funding immediately stopped. “Kate’s” law must be passed.


As a humane and caring country we seek to help care for refugees, or asylum seekers, by helping to find and provide for sanctuary in a county or area near their homeland with a similar climate, culture, laws, language and religion.

For the safety of US citizens, it is particularly important that dangerous refugees not be brought into our country. When a particular refugee population is likely to have people hostile or likely to become hostile to our county, our way of life, our laws, and/or our citizens religions, they must be strictly screened before entry.