What will it take to win in 2024?

Are you ready to end the cycle of our stale, stooge-like 24th Legislative District mis-representation in Olympia? If so, the primary objective of the 24th GOP is to do just that, to elect Republicans to the Washington State Legislature. We need your assistance to get there because we can’t seem to locate some critical missing pieces to our strategic puzzle.

Winning elections requires a team effort. By “team” I don’t mean an association of people who agree on a particular political philosophy or position, but are inclined to do their own thing. Nor am I referring to clone-like behavior that brainlessly follows and parrots whatever they are told.

The type of team I’m referring too is comprised of like-minded people with varying experiences and talents who join together to reach a shared goal. For the purposes of the 24th GOP, the goal of electing Republicans is attainable if there is a team of citizen activists who are equipped and willing to actively do their part, while at the same time respect and support the participation of other team members.

The 24th GOP is tasked with unifying its three district Republican county committees including Clallam, the northern tier of Grays Harbor, and Jefferson. We do this by helping to grow their local volunteer base and strategically network and synchronize that base districtwide. It’s sort of like building a puzzle; it’s rewarding when the pieces fit and frustrating when you find pieces are missing.

What are we missing?

The most common missing pieces within the 24th GOP network are Precinct Committee Officers, or PCO’s. This is a problem because our Republican PCO’s are so critical to our success. We can’t win without them. PCO’s form the basis for communicating the ideals and principles of the Republican Party within each of their precincts. They serve to educate their neighbors about policy issues that will impact their lives. A PCO serves as a catalyst for a well-informed electorate.

For example, during the recent legislative session, our State Representatives Steve Tharinger and Mike Chapman voted for a very unpopular and unnecessary Capital Gains Income Tax in the State House. It was imperative that we stopped this from passing in the State Senate.

Subsequently, the 24th GOP worked in collaboration with the Washington State Republican Party to help educate voters about a possible vote in the State Senate. We did this by mobilizing our 24th LD Republican PCO’s in a door-to-door canvasing effort to educate their neighbors about the Capital Gains Income Tax, and ask them to call Senator Kevin Van De Wege to voice their opposition. Thankfully, the clock ran out and the Senate Majority Democrats failed to pass the bill.

What part will you play?

Whew! That was close. Think about how many more legislative successes we could have enjoyed, as well as future election wins, if we are able to close the gaps in our 24th GOP network of PCO’s.

If you live in the 24th LD and are ready to be a part of the solution for changing the course of Olympia, please click here to tell us what part you would like to play. Most importantly, we strongly encourage you to become an active member of your local Republican county committee. Here are some quick links you can use to contact your committee today:

Together we can win in 2024!

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