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  • Chair Pam Blakeman
  • Vice Chair Greg Bellamy

Platform 2016

The Republican Party of Clallam County, on this 26th day of March 2016, assembled in

convention at Port Angeles, Washington, adopts this platform as a guide to the candidates it endorses and a pledge to the public it serves.

Recognizing that constitutionally limited government and moral integrity are essential to the

preservation of individual liberty and social responsibility, OUR MISSION is to:
A. Influence our national, state, and local governments to adhere to the principles set forth

in the Declaration of Independence and the limits established for government by the Constitution of the United States of America, the Constitution of the State of Washington, and the Clallam County Home Rule Charter;

B. Reduce the burden of government on individual citizens, families, and the economy by spending and regulatory reforms that reduce government’s size and cost and regulatory oversight; and

C. Encourage citizens of good character who share the goals and principles stated in this

platform to seek elected office, actively support their candidacies, continue to support and encourage them once they take office, and actively participate in the public process to influence government policies.

I. The proper function of government is to do for the people only that which must be done, and cannot be done as well by individuals. The most effective government is government closest to the people. Therefore, we strongly support:

Limiting Congress to the powers enumerated in Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution.

Full adherence to the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which reserves to the States and the people all powers not specifically delegated to the federal government under the Constitution.

Local control of land use policy and planning. Thus, we call for repeal of the Washington State Growth Management Act and returning to local planning under the Planning Enabling Act.

Adequate funding for facilitating care for those who are truly unable to care for themselves or function in society, due to mental or physical disability.

A robust economic environment, free from burdensome regulations and taxes, and that supports the creation of jobs that enable adequate support to all families and individuals, and reverses the flight of jobs and industries to other countries.

II. It is necessary and honorable for the United States to defend itself and its citizens against all attacks. Therefore, we support:

All U.S. military forces, veterans and their dependents.
The war on Islamic terrorism and those regimes supporting it.
Trying accused non-U.S. citizen terrorists in military tribunals.
A comprehensive energy policy for the United States to become independent of petroleum imports and consistent with free market principles and minimal government regulation.page1image2979518464page1image2979518752

A comprehensive missile, chemical, biohazard, electromagnetic pulse and cyber-attack defense program.

Securing our borders against illegal immigration and those who pose a threat to this nation, and vigorously enforcing our current immigration laws.
legally.Immigration policy that welcomes those who will contribute to and assimilate into America

English as the official national and state language.
Maintaining full control of our national sovereignty and command of our armed forces.

III. We believe in the right of individuals to own and protect their property. Therefore: Government regulation of private property must be minimized, and restrictive rules and

regulations must not be imposed or expanded through administrative department interpretation. Government policies and regulations must protect natural resources and the environment,

based on valid peer-reviewed science, requiring the economic benefits of regulation to exceed the costs, while encouraging jobs and economic vitality.

We oppose further government acquisition of privately owned properties, and encourage sale to U.S. citizens of excess government property.

We favor strong federal and state legislation to prevent abuse of the eminent domain power and to clarify and reinforce the Fifth Amendment limitation that private property may be taken only for public use, with just compensation paid when property is taken or devalued by regulation.

IV. Excessive tax burdens and governmental attempts to impose income equality or socialism violate the basic rights of a free people, encourage growth of repressive government, and discourage individual responsibility. Therefore, we support:

Balanced budgets at all levels of government, except in time of a war declared by Congress.

A federal balanced budget amendment.
Eliminating government bailouts of any kind.
Significant simplification of the federal tax structure.
Abolition of death taxes, both state and federal.
A presidential line item veto.
The state constitution’s prohibition on a state income tax.
A Washington State constitutional amendment requiring 2/3 legislative approval or voter

approval to raise taxes, and simple majority legislative approval for fee increases.
Ending unfunded and under-funded mandates.
Ending strikes and collective bargaining for wages and benefits for public employees. Prohibiting legislative use of emergency clauses to circumvent the people’s power of

initiative and referendum.

V. Responsible individual initiative and free enterprise best promote a strong economy. Therefore: We support tort reform, particularly relating to personal injury and medical malpractice

liability.We believe in free-market solutions to curtail health care costs, including health savings accounts, tax deductible private-pay medical insurance and health care services, allowing consumers to buy health insurance policies across state lines, and ending state health insurance coverage mandates.

We oppose any mandate requiring individuals to purchase health insurance, and support repeal of the Affordable Care Act and its replacement with legislation incorporating the above principles.

VI. We believe all United States citizens are guaranteed and entitled to equal rights and privileges. Granting of special rights or privileges to any ethnic or social group works to the detriment of that group and all citizens. The privilege of voting should be reserved to those who can prove they are eligible to vote. Requiring reasonable proof of citizenship to register to vote is not discrimination.

The right of free exercise of religious freedom shall not be infringed.

VII. We support the United States Constitution as written and intended by the founders of our nation and as legally amended by the process set forth in Article V. Therefore:

We oppose amendment, modification or limitation by judicial interpretation.
We support requiring all lawmakers to abide by all laws imposed on the citizens.
The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of—not freedom from—

religion. We call on all school authorities and government officials to respect the rights of individuals and groups of individuals to engage in voluntary prayer and other religious speech and celebration of traditional religious holidays.

We oppose allocating Washington’s Electoral College votes based on the national popular vote.

We oppose using any non-U.S. laws or programs, whether sponsored by the United Nations or otherwise, as a basis for U.S. laws or regulations or court or administrative decisions, including Sharia Law, UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development, and UNCRC (UN Convention on Rights of the Child).

VIII. We recognize the traditional family as the foundation unit of our society and support government policies that enhance and encourage family responsibility and rights. The primary responsibility for achieving educational goals rests, not with the federal government, but with local school boards and parents. Therefore:

We support parents’ responsibility and authority for the education of their children, including parents’ right to choose home-schooling, private schools, charter schools, or public schools. Educational funding should follow the child, thus we support tax credits and vouchers for those who choose alternatives to public schools.

We support recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance and intensive teaching of the Constitution, American and Washington State history, including our Judeo-Christian heritage, civics, U.S. Government, and economics, free of revisionist influence.

Every student has a right, an obligation and a need to become proficient in the English language, both verbally and in written form. In addition, we support emphasizing rigorous academic skills in mathematics and sciences. When, as required by state law, students are instructed regarding the consequences and responsibilities of health-related choices, we support emphasizing informed abstinence regarding sexual behavior, and obedience to laws regarding drugs, tobacco, and alcohol.

We support defining marriage as the union between one man and one woman.

IX. All human beings have a right to life, regardless of age, health or conditions of dependency. Therefore:

We commend individuals, religious groups and private organizations who provide positive alternatives to abortion by meeting physical, emotional and financial needs of pregnant women, including adoption services, where desired. We condemn any violence directed toward persons or entities that support or oppose abortion.

We support parental notification prior to abortion services being provided to minors, with necessary protections for the minor’s safety, and pre-abortion informed consent for all expectant mothers after reasonable education of the adverse effects of abortion.

Recognizing that life begins at conception and all life is sacred, including unborn, elderly, and handicapped, we oppose abortion (except where required to save the life of the mother), euthanasia, the use of embryos in stem cell research, and the sale/harvesting of aborted baby parts.

X. We support the constitutional guarantee that the individual right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

We oppose mandatory gun registration, licensing of gun owners, and restrictions on law- abiding citizens’ right to purchase, own and carry firearms, ammunition or their components.

We support the death penalty.

XI. The Republican Party offers the political leadership and will to successfully implement these principles of government.

We support citizens’ right to protect themselves, their property and their family and neighbors.”