So far since the Legislature began on January 9th, there have been over 1,475 bills submitted to various committees.  We’ll be continuing to cover the ones that are the best and the worst, for your input.  It is very important to try and stop bad bills from getting out of committee, so time is of the essence in commenting or just giving a “pro” or “con” message on each of them.  Sending a message to our legislators DOES make a difference; when they hear from a lot of us, they tend to listen, realizing the bills won’t fly under the radar.  Here are several bills that need our attention from the WA State Republican Party.  (You can follow more bills from this source here: Olympia Watch)

From Olympia Watch:

This week in Olympia, Democrats continue to push terrible bills that will increase taxes even further, further harm ‘affordable housing’ goals, and cement election fraud into Washington’s elections.

Along with their terrible bills, Democrats are ignoring bipartisan common-sense bills, along with Republican sponsored bills, that would help get our state moving in the right direction.

Republicans and Democrats have been able to come together to support bipartisan police pursuit reforms along with Emergency Powers reforms to bring back legislative oversight on the Emergency process. These bills are being blocked by Democrat leadership – further proof that if our state is to champion bipartisanship, we need a Republican majority. 

Instead, Democrats are fighting to implement bills like:

It is imperative that you TAKE ACTION and register a CON position to stop radical Democrats in Olympia from making these bad bills LAW. You can view a full and updating list of bad bills on our Olympia Watch page.  Scroll down the page and click on “bad bills” and “good bills” with easy access to weigh in with our legislators.

Democrat Senator Manka Dhingra was appointed as Chair of the Law and Justice Committee, and is single handedly STOPPING police pursuit reform from being heard. Reach out to Senator Dhingra here and ask her to move on this important and bipartisan bill!  We’d also ask that you register your PRO position here on this good piece of legislation coming out of Olympia.

From Influencing Olympia:

A Great Article on HB 1333: Domestic Terrorism Bill in WA State by Wes Cormier in the GHWeekly.

Especially bad bills are SB 5489 and SB 5599 – allowing children to come to Washington State for “gender-affirming” surgery without permission or knowledge of their parents. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THESE and other bills, and an easy way to comment on them.