If you’re familiar with the dynamics of the 24th LD, you’re not surprised to hear about the Trump gear selling out in Grays Harbor; they did, after all, vote for President Trump in 2016. Jefferson County is a different story

GHGOP friends giving a family-style thumbs up for President Trump at the 2019 Grays Harbor County Fair.

This past weekend, the 24th Legislative District (24th LD) Republican county committees of Grays Harbor (GHGOP) and Jefferson (JCRCC) were on full display at their respective county fairs. What was remarkable is how many fair goers stopped by to express their support, but not just for the party, or the platform issues, but especially for President Trump. In fact, Trump gear was in high demand at both locations and sold out before the fairs concluded. Jefferson even walked away with a list of back orders for MAGA hats!

Port Townsend, the county seat and population center of Jefferson County, is a bastion of progressive liberalism and group think, where the resistance “reigns” (quite literally), and hostilities run high against any one who supports President Trump, or even suggests they might be leaning that way. But this doesn’t stop the JCRCC from showing its colors and when they do they are greatly rewarded. Likewise, so are the people who stop by to say hello and “THANK YOU” to the JCRCC for being there and inspiring them to be courageous about who they are and the President they support.

JCRCC supporters giving President Trump a thumbs up during the 2019 Jefferson County Fair.

Congratulations to the GHGOP and JCRCC for a fantastic show of patriotism and gumption, and for your many successful take aways. Best of luck to our third 24th GOP district committee, the Clallam County Republican Party (CCRP), which will be in full swing this weekend, from Aug 15-18, at the Clallam County Fair. Make sure you stop by to say hello!